The race is on!

There was much in the news last week about how the BBC had lost the exclusive rights to showing live coverage of the Grand Prix. The cost of the show – transporting the team around the world – was deemed too dear. Losing the GP meant keeping Wimbledon – a jewel in the BBC’s crown.

Apparently the BBC will still be able to show the GP races that are within the UK’s time-zone and highlights of the others.

So as a sofa sportswoman, what do I think about that decision?

Well I’m off the fence on this one, almost.

Wimbledon is one of my favourite sporting events – I’ve even been lucky enough to go. But it is just for two weeks.

The GP season covers 20 races, from March to November.

So comparing the events by hours of entertainment is impractical.

And what of the competitors - when did a Brit win Wimbledon? In 1977 Virginia Wade lifted the trophy and it’s been an also-ran race since then.

We have a wonderful heritage of British GP winners and world champions – from Mike Hawthorn in 1958 to Jensen Button in more recent times.

It’s sad that we’re now unlikely to watch another British driver win the title live on the BBC. Maybe Andy Murray will do the decent thing and win Wimbledon next year?