Roman invasion - part III

What better way to finish off my Roman invasion than a double bill of Roman films. Don’t panic, I shan’t start spouting Italian.

No I’m talking about two films that use the eternal city as a backdrop.

As Sunday afternoon slipped into early evening I slid Roman Holiday into the DVD player. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn play out the tale of a European princess escaping the rules of royalty as she explored Rome - with Peck as an opportunist but moral journalist and Hepburn playing her delightful self. The film was produced on location - so there’s much to adore.

The film is as delightful as Hepburn. She had been perfectly cast and Peck was the perfect gentleman.

I’m sure hardcore fans have re-traced the heroine’s steps - from the Trevis Fountain to the dance by the Tiber and everywhere in between. By chance I’d visited those places too. What a special way to remember Rome.

I began to list the locations I recognised, but suddenly my anorak felt a little too snug!

And the next film to lead me back to Rome?

Only You - starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. Now if you like your films as frothy as the frothiest cappuccino, then this is the film for you.

The film follows two friends who cross the Atlantic in search of a mysterious man, foretold to be the True Love of Marisa’s character, Faith.

The friends begin in Venice, move to Rome and then head down the coast to Amalfi. And what of love? Well as you know, love conquers all - icebergs, savages and vampires. So yes, pasta makes the perfect food for passion!

Now if you thought Angels and Demons should be on my Roman list, you’d be right - almost. Why? Well much of Rome was off-limits to Ron Howard and his cast and crew and some of the spectacular scenes were created using CGI. They did a good job. But if you want to drift off and imagine you’re in Rome, a webcam can do it better.

No, we'll save Angles and Demons for Dan Brown night.